Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Video of my biggest comedy show yet!

This past summer i began dabbling in standup comedy.

PaxRyan at the Arciliuto Theater, Rome
i've performed 4times at Rome's Comedy Club, did 10minutes of (R rated) material to open for a fantastic (and R rated) rock band called Inbred Knucklehead, and then in November i set up a gig in Rome for me and my cousin, Anthony Papandrea, who has been doing comedy for a few years now.

We performed for a nearly full house two nights in a row at, il Teatro Arciliuto, the nicest small theater in Rome!

Warning, the tone is different than most of what you'll see on this blog and though i think i could get away with a PG-13 (not quite R) rating, there is definitely adult content. i didn't cuss at all, but there are sex jokes.

This is the only professional video i have of myself performing. It's the opening act performance for L.O.L., the one man show by New York comic, Anthony Papandrea! Anthony says that comedians perform on stage with a maturity equal to their age as measured from when they started doing comedy.
So here i am as a 1year old!

Anthony Papandrea at The Arciliuto Theater, Rome, italy
Check out the highlights of Anthony's show here, it's pretty hilarious.

A huge thank you to Gaby Ford, Molly Zimmelman and Rita Neveckaite for all of the help preparing for, promoting and doing the show, you ladies were fantastic and both Anthony and i love ya for it! And thank you to Barry Walton and BTV Productions for putting the video together!


  1. I like the little Piazza del Popolo addition ;)

  2. That video turned out great! :)

  3. OMG! it let me comment finally! This is Christine BTW. :)


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