Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos: "i love the shit in Rome" A collection.

i was walking through Trastevere, in Rome, with a friend. We decided to sit down on some church steps and enjoy our beers. It was my first night back in Rome after going on a traveling tour.When i looked up i saw this plaque here above, saying that the church had been built in 1501. And i thought to myself, "That's some crazy shit!"

Then i looked down and found what you see below.

Human shit!! Right there on the cobblestones!

Tempted to be disgusted and annoyed at the city, knowing the inevitability of it constantly being shitty, i instead decided, "i love this shit." And i looked up again at the church and thought, "i love all of this shit."

 THAT is when i realized i was going to make a photo collection blog post titled, "i love the shit in Rome."

The following is the result of my walk home that night. 
(No more disgusting ones to come, i promise;-) 
i hope you enjoy it:-)

Invisible cars.

That was some delicions shit:-)

This is beautiful shit!

i was down near the Tevere, watching for sharks. i saw a shark attack here once. Well, not right here, it was near Castel San Angelo.

That night, my friends Dan and Josh and i were watching seagulls sitting on the river. Then something came out of the water with a rush of waves, the seagull opened it's wings, and then shot backwards into the water. i looked it up, and it has been been known through history that there are sometimes sharks in the Tevere. So that time, i think i saw one eat a gull. This night, no sharks., but....

Smooth waters of the Tiber River.

That's Kristen, she's the shit.

"I am the shit."

Now THAT'S some shit!


And this is the craziness i had woken up to that morning at my doorstep!

But grudgingly, i am learning to love it all, all the shit in Rome, both the beautiful and the-harder-to appreciate!:-)


  1. Well, I've heard there is no difference between the sacred and the profane... ;)

    Loved the photos that followed. Geesh the person could have at least gone behind a tree!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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