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Excited about Dec. 21, 2012 (Join me in meditation!)

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Yep, i'm excited about it!

i wrote a year ago that there were clear reasons to believe the world would continue through 2012 and into successive years. That has only become more clear to me.

True Activist talked to prominent members of the Mayan community (yea, as i learned at the ribbingly titled exhibit at The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Mayans 2012: Prophecy Becomes History, turns out they're not extinct!!) and he confirms that no Mayan ever did think the WORLD was going to end in 2012....just the age, the epoch, the era.

And i'm excited about it, i think it's going to be fun! As the ceremonial and spiritual priest of the Eagle Clan of the Mayans told True Activist, this new age is going to be one of action. So i intend to haul it in with the most powerful action a person can undertake, and i intend to sit on my ass while i do it!

i am going to meditate with 10million other people! For one hour on December 21, 2012, i am going to change the world for the better and i'm going to start with the man in the mirror. That is how i will be the change i want to see.

Think about having the home field advantage in a sports game. Why does such an advantage exist? i think it is because there is so much expectation and intention all amassed for the same purpose, it becomes much more likely through pure shared-visualization.

This is my understanding of why the organizers of the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality have organized this global, mass meditation. i believe in it and i will participate. The one hour, 5pm-6pm Indian time, falls inconveniently from 5.30am-6.30am where i am currently in, in Houston, Texas. But i will happily participate just the same.

 Find your time zone here. And join me and the other 10million we are sure to amass:-)

Now, for those of you who already meditate, this is a no-brainer, i'll see you in the upper world. If you have never meditated before, that is no problem, you can still participate with us. Here is my simple guide on how to meditate:

Earth Heart
1. At the appointed time (or any other time for that matter) make a strong determination to meditate for one whole hour, for the purpose of benefitting the world.
2. Do so. Just close your eyes and do what comes to mind.
3. Don't worry about anything else.

Ok, ok, so maybe that brings up questions and i'll offer some advice. i have some basic training and have dabbled with Vipassana Meditation and many other forms of meditation, both formal and less so. i have received forms of training in India, Italy, and the United States from Buddhist, Hindu and Western traditions. i am however NOT qualified to teach meditation and not an expert in any way at all. But seriously, it's not rocket science. From what i can tell there are two basic ways (perhaps among many others) to do it without getting technical:

1. Sit comfortably and follow your breath with your eyes closed. When you breathe in, be aware that you are breathing in. When you breathe out, be aware that you are breathing out. If your thoughts wander, ha cuna matata, don't worry, just bring them back and follow your breath again.

This is the first step of what i have done in 10day silent course of Vipassana, but also what is suggested by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh suggests in his book Being Peace, and also the advice of the Spirituality Parliament. Personally i like to set a an alarm so that i can not worry about time until the alarm goes off. So go for it, just sit and follow your breath, you're doing more good than you can imagine without trying it;-)

2. Simply think positive thoughts. Do this with intention and you are meditating.

If you sit with the intention of meditation, close your eyes and simply imagine your favorite spiritual teacher (or ancestor or deity or whatever) smiling, then you are meditating. Done. Or imagine the happiest most peaceful place you can imagine. Imagine yourself there happy. This is what Mike Dooley recommends and is close to, if not the same as, the bhakti tradition of Hinduism and devotional practices of Catholicism and other sects. If you do this with the intention of opening your heart or  or spreading love or even simply feeling peace inside yourself, then you are meditating and therefore helping the world.

So just do it. And tell your friends!

And for an hour on the 21st, you can know me and 10million other people will be multiplying all your efforts, and you can magnify ours! :-)
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  1. Excellent article...I'm excited too...see ya on the other side soon!


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