Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CDC warning about zombies: What is happening in America??

i spend most of my time in Italy. But every couple of years i bounce back to my native country and this time, like the others, i am experiencing some reverse culture shock. One symbolic cause of this is something i recently learned actually from American friends in Italy - the Center for Disease Control of the United States of America has a blog dealing with how to deal with a "zombie epidemic."

Now, i have looked into it enough to see it is really the CDC, and also to know that they claim it is a joke. Among my thoughts though are:

1. Do you really think that's funny? Do you not know some people take both Fox "News" and CDC warnings about zombies seriously??

2. You, the CDC, claim that if someone is well prepared for a zombie attack then they are de facto well prepared for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquaks, floods, etc. you're telling me that for Americans, natural disasters are not compelling enough for emergency preparedness?? AND that zombies are more so??

If the Department of Education had a program to "teach kids to be wizards" in order to get them to study science, it would feel about the same to me. It's just a little thing, just a symbol of the things that exasperate me when i reimmerse in Americana. But, can someone please tell me, does this seem weird/ridiculous/striking to nobody else??

See their blog (from which i stole that zombie picture) here:

And here is where they explain the motivation behind it:

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