Friday, December 9, 2011

The U.S. is more powerful than it gives itself credit for.

Some countries in the world are war-torn, recently colonialized, or third world. But basically all of the others have a higher life expectancy than the United States.

Check out this list: Denmark, Portugal, Cuba, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Cyprus, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Britain, Luxemborg, Greece, New Zealand, South Korea, Holland, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan and San Marino. 

They all have a higher life expectancy than the United States!! (according the statistics given by The World Bank and shown by google, see a graph here.) Of the G8 countries, the U.S. would have the lowest life expectancy if it weren't for Russia keeping them out of last place. An explenation of how they arrive at their statistics is available here:

The United States has an expected life span of 78 years, compared to Japan's 83 years or Italy's 81.

As an American i simply refuse to accept that we are not capable of better. We can come up with all kinds of explenations - i've been told that this isn't valid because this includes the thousands of Americans killed by gun violence and gun accidents in the States. Then let's decrease that! i've been told that this is due the size of our country, or that it's too difficult because we have so many people but this really all just ridiculous. 

As a nation, we are capable of being healthier, safer, and more long lasting. 
All we have to do is want it. We should prioritize this.

i'd like the government to work on this - i see this as one of its main jobs. i even dream of the corporations taking an interest in their being a part of this country and working on this of the goodness of their hearts. But i can't influence these things very much, at least not quickly or tangibly.

So, i'll start with me. 

i promise to be healthier, both less threatening and and more safe, and to strive towards a long and happy life for the good of all - because that's what i think we should do:-)


  1. I think life expectancy depends on many factors, not always health conditions. So I think we should employ a host of metrics to get the true picture. For example, compare the infant-mortality rates, accidental death rates, hospitalization rates, etc. I am sure that the US would come up much better than many others which beat her at the lonely index of life expectancy.

    1. Maybe you are right, but this misses the point: The United States can do better than it is doing. i don't really care how it compares to other countries, the comparison just shows the craziness of the need for comparison. As a country that considers itself great, the greatest even, we should really be living healthier, safer lives. We should do not to compare better to other countries but for good of our country and of the world.


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