Thursday, March 28, 2013

India: Funny signs (pics)

Indian restaurant restroom how-to poster
A little collection of funny signs and other Indian things i found on my latest trip there. i think they're 
fun, so i thought i'd share them here. Hari om:-)

Restaurant beverage list: 4th line
Chinese food restaurant menu: 3rd line

Choclate balls, Pushkar, Rajasthan region

Indian bus time sign
You've got to check out the math here! 
The first bus leaves at 8.30am and arrives "6hours" later at 1pm!! 
The ones for Delhi have a "13hours" trip that arrives 12hours after it departs!
This is how it goes there - you can get things done, but you always have to have 
some doubt for time schedules of any kind. :-)

"BEAN NICE knowing you." in Bagsu, India

Dudu Falafael, Bagsu, India
Dudu Falafael, giving their secret ingredient in their name!
All photos by the author.


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